be mama

we've entered a new phase in audrey's play practices:  she now likes to play with dollies.  might not sound like a big deal, but i don't particularly enjoy this type of play.  it really involves her handing me barbie-princess dolls (we don't buy the actual barbies), and me talking for the dolls in her hands and mine and acting things out.  she's figured out that the dolls can represent our family:  a mommy doll, daddy doll, and plenty of sister and baby dolls to choose from.  and so one day, as like many days, she makes a practice of running a mommy-doll over to me (in whatever i'm doing), and requests:  "be mama!  be mama!"

be mama.  play with me.  be in my world.

and so often it's in the middle of my martha moments of doing (luke 10:38).  where i'm busy.  and this is my weakness.  i'm often more of the martha instead of the mary, who is listening and not distracted.  and present.

and i want to be more of the mary.  understandably, there are moments when i need to get things done.  but regrettably, i find more things that distract me then let me just sit, peacefully, playing with my children.

we are off for three weeks here, going to europe.  and i'm going to do my best to see the awe in my children's faces, to play with them, to be in their worlds as we discover and see new places, eat new foods, and enjoy each other.

i will be mama.