don't grow out of fairy tales

i don't want you to forget these fairy tales that you have latched onto with enthusiasm since you were barely two years old.  wearing dresses and being entranced by the stories of rescue and beauty.  please don't grow out of them as you age.  you call these princesses not by their names in the stories, but by who they are as princesses.  it's not belle, but instead you've called her "beauty and the beast."  and it's not princess aurora, it's "sleeping beauty."  and even though we hear her name over and over in the movie, you still choose to call her "tangled."  and i love this about you.

lately you have requested the song by taylor swift (yes, i'll roll my eyes as i admit we listen to her songs on occasion) called white horse.  and the chorus goes something like this:

but i'm not your princess
this ain't a fairy tale

and i cringe and these words to which you sometimes sing along to.  because at the same time you sing them, the mystery of the fairy tale dissipates somewhat.  you become a bit more jaded to the sweet imaginative world of princesses.

don't get me wrong...i'm not sure the disney princess movies are the best things ever, but there is a loveliness to some of them that i don't want you to forget or learn to dislike because it's all fake.

instead, i want you to see the beauty of redemption in these stories.  i want you to not forget you are our princess, a princess of the Great King of the world.  you have been crowned His princess the moment you said, "I want Jesus!"  and these stories are full of love and being pursued by love.  it is in these stories that we see how girls out to be cared for and respected. and i know all about the movement to shatter these absurd stories because they skew the world for little girls--these movies and stories don't represent the true world that we live in.  the broken world.

but i don't want you to forget these stories even still.  even if they don't depict the shortcomings all people have and the incompleteness that still happens even when finding a true love.  instead remember the beauty these stories create:

do you see how cinderella, who lives in rags and soot, becomes a princess by way of her fairy godmother who turns that ragged dress into a gown and sends her off to the ball?  do you remember how snow-white falls for the trick and eats to poisonous apple sending her into a death-like state of slumber but is awakened by a true love's kiss?  do you remember when princess aurora, sleeping beauty, sings her song of "someday my prince will come?"  and in that story she falls asleep all the while the prince fights the dragon and fights to save her.  he doesn't give up.  and then she is awakened by true love's kiss.  these are like God's redeeming story for us, for his children.  before we said, "i love you Jesus.  i want You and need You," we were like cinderella living in rags without much hope.  we were tricked like snow white by a deceiver who is clever and evil.  but like cinderella who sobs and feels like all is lost, we too fall down on our knees and cry out to God asking to be changed.  and God changes our hearts.  and instead of being covered in rags and soot, He makes us clean, calls us his princess and prepares a castle for us in heaven.  we are  now spiritually wearing ornate gowns.  and so cinderalla cries out and there her fairy godmother appears to dry her tears and ready her for the great ball.  she has been redeemed.

there is snow white, who like us, are easily deceived and tricked by satan.  it's the story of eve in the garden of eden too.  she eats the fruit--the apple--and falls to ruin.  she and adam are cast out of the perfect place of protection.  they have, in a sense, fallen asleep and are now separated from God.  but, like all of these stories, there is redemption.  there is a pursuer, a prince.  and only that pursuer can break the spell.  it is only God, who wants to woo us and who does pursue us, who can break the spell of sin.  and He fights for us to win our hearts.  He battles the dragon, satan, to rescue us.  He has saved us and wants us for Himself.  there it is over and over again in these stories.  the need to be redeemed.  the Savior who comes for us, who desires us.  the splendor we are clothed with when we accept His love and choose to live in His Light.

and even though these stories fail in comparison to the great, authentic story of Jesus's love for us, they point us to God's deeper truth.  they do have beauty in them and a mystery that helps us understand and recognize the ultimate love story with Jesus where we are real princesses.

so i don't want you, sophia, to grow completely out of them.  i want you to start to see the best princess story is your own story.  know that you are pursued by God and now that He has a place in your heart, you are an eternal kingdom princess.