deeply longing for

a friend.

such a deep, almost embarrassing need for a mentor, a friend. 

part of this painfully-brilliant and truthful book, desperate: hope for the mom who needs to breathe, encourages mums to not parent alone; better to do this mothering-thing with other women who can encourage one another and pray together..  And I long for these relationships.  I grieve the ones that were:, the sweet, courageous women I did spend my days with in Pittsburgh, living life together as mothers trying to figure it out.  And not figuring it out, but praying for God to fill us with His love to love our children and spouses well.

Even in the desert, we need friends.  Close friends to bring us a cup of cold water.

Dear God, please hear my prayer.  And may I listen as you ask me to be a friend to another mum whose heart may also be searching.