"Best" Expat Brat Moment of the Year

so there's this term, "expat brat", referring to the children of expats who really do live a life of luxury in many ways that their US counterparts are not privy to.  For example:  going to the beautiful beach along the Sea is kind of a luxury (did i mention this is practically a year-round opportunity?).

anyway, looking back at the year, ben asks, "what do you think the best expat brat moment was this year?"  thinking hard...

[back story:  sophie had the opportunity to take horse back riding lessons in november and december on an almost weekly basis.  she loved it.  she rode up on her horse, holding reigns, sitting up straight, and learning how to ride.  it was great, and she loved it!]

he says:  remember when we were at that very extravagant CMUQ party at a desert oasis back in feburary.  starbucks and paul's restaurant catered breakfast.  there was henna, face painting, necklace making, free veggies in a huge garden, pony rides, carriage ride, luxurious lunch and dinner.  it was incredible to say the least.  we went for a pony/horse ride and on sophie's turn, she was very upset and yelled out: "i don't like this pony.  i want my pony [the one she's used to riding at lessons].  i want to hold the reigns [there was a man who worked at the stables holding the reigns and leading her]."

woe kid.  you're an expat brat.

but we love you anyway.