there are many drafts that will remain in the back of this blog-closet as i turn around all of the questions and answers and frustrations and challenges and...

this is the desert.

and the parts of the desert i've seen have been well trodden.  there are tire marks--paths carved by large vehicles.  there are skeleton-like shrubs overtaken by mounds of sand.  there are wimpy trees.  there is water present, but it's bitter and salty.  there is garbage.  layers and layers of garbage scattered in the desert sand.

so you see, there is desert here now.  and i try so hard to give my girls a desert that is exciting and fun and full of blue radiant sun-bleached sky with dazzling brilliant deep cool water.  the kind of desert that you can build castles with and the kind of desert that you wiggle your feet down into and playfully bury.

and no matter how much i try to clean out the car after a morning or afternoon at the sandy beach, driving through the desert to reach, there is still sand.  there is still desert.