Itsy Bitsy

you are marvelous.
you marvel at the world.
you are miraculous and
you are my girl.

audrey, your eyes are wide open and your mind is taking it all in.

the other day i looked back at you while we waiting in traffic and your hands were moving whimsically above your head just at the same time i turned on some music.  you started "singing" in odd, but sweet little notes--not even certain yourself how they were coming out of your mouth.  but then i got it.  you were singing the itsy bitsy spider song.  that's how we've sung it.  and that's how you sung it the other day with your wonderful teachers at school.  i said, turn it up girl, this is my jam!  so we sang together and made motions together.  you amaze me with what you know.

we danced together.  we held hands and you moved in a bit of a circle, taking your feet and lifting them and playfully tapping them back down.  this isn't your usual i want to walk while holding your hands, mom thing.  you were asking me to dance.  we danced together.

they are strangers and they're not even looking, but you wave anyhow.  you see someone walking by, and you reach out your chubby hand and hold it palm up to the sky and flex those fingers in and out like it ain't no thang!  and then, oh it melts my heart, you bring that hand, fingers spread wide, up to your open mouth and "blow kisses."  you're killin' me smalls.

oh child of mine, these are some fun times.  me learning about you and you learning about everything!