It's Your Birthday, Baby

hello my little dove.

what an adventure it has been discovering our {real} audrey.  magical.  wondrous.  surprising.  but mostly filled with such sweetness.

audrey, you have completed this family.  i love being a family of four and can't imagine it any other way.  and you, darling, have allowed us to blossom into a fuller, more joyful family.

tonight i held you much longer as your drifted off to sleep.  on the eve of your birthday.  i sang you songs and rocked you--through the teething and after the puke clean-up--you rested in my arms.  so tall and much stronger then the first day we met, my dear.

how unexpected it was to meet you sooner then we thought.  but you came, in all of your beauty.  and my heart ached to hold you, and when your tiny body finally filled my arms, my heart became full.  there was a flood of just audrey-love-to-give-audrey.  or perhaps the creation of a new heart formed inside of me.  a special one made for loving you.  for i wasn't sure--had heard it was so--that when another little one comes along, so too do you love that baby as much as the first child.

you are perfect.  and that was so from your first gulp of air.  your eyes look so much like my grandma johnson's.  and you have some of her fire inside of you too.  she is a good woman.  she is strong too.  your eyes.  and your big toe:  that also captured my attention.  these tiny jelly bean-sized toes on those wrinkled, red feet, and at the start were those plump first toes on each foot.  they have received many kisses along with the rest of your wiggly piggies.

you are a treasure--discovering you discovering yourself is quite a delight my child.  you are curious, you love to look at books and figure out how to turn the pages.  you are persistant.  you are stubbon over and over.  you are fierce in your tight-gripped hugs.  you smile with excitement and music makes your body move in such exuberant bouncing, i can't help but join in and maintain your movement by playing more songs.  you are thoughtful and introverted.  but your laughter is wonderfully loud and invites others to join in its melody.  laughing simultaneously.  wanting it to not stop.  trying all of the tricks to prolong it.  you are brave.  you are going to be my climber (it has all ready started).  you are strong.  your body is strong, and that is the meaning of your name.  your voice is strong.  your grip.  your spirit.  strong.  audrey.  and i know you will live in a light of strength and strong beauty.  your love will be strong.

we are so thankful for you darling daughter.  we celebrate you and this milestone of changing from infant to babe to young toddler.  i am delighted to be your mother and to share in your life.

happy birthday baby mine.