Horseback Riding Day

Big day. We took Sophia horseback riding for the first time. Pretty awesome experience, they just gave her a quick lesson then we went for a walk with her on the horse. Finding the place was a little insane as it was 18km outside of the city in the desert.
On our way back heard Sophia say "momma!" and turned to see we had forgotten to strap Audrey in her carseat and she had climbed out and into the middle of the back seat. She was quite proud of herself :)
We decided to go look at cars at the dealer. In the parking lot I saw our front tire was quickly going flat, so I had the wonderful experiences of changing the tire on our Ford Explorer on a gravel parking lot. Quit dirty. Then we went inside to look at cars. We decided we should come back without thegirls. Talking or sustaining focus with two girls climbing around - especially Sophia who tried to climb out of the sunroof of one car - is a bit of a challenge.