Audrey's 11 Months Old

Oh my darling Audrey.  How did 11 months sneak up on us so quickly?!  We are thrilled to be celebrating  your 1st birthday soon.  Baby, you've been doing so much lately and I wanted to document some of those milestones and that amazing stuff you do...

  • standing by yourself for 3-4 seconds
  • crawling up steps
  • walking while holding onto a toy cart
  • waving "bye bye"
  • new words include:  "bu bu" (bye bye), "du de" (doggie), "ba ba" (bottle)
  • you made the connection of being put into your carseat as going bye bye and said, "bu bu"
  • you are such a speedy crawler
  • feeding yourself is so much better then waiting to be fed by mom or dad
  • dancing to music (bopping your head and bouncing on your bottom)
  • petting your doggie brings a huge smile (and you love looking for him)
  • much more confident in the water
  • "reading" books is one of your faves
  • still not the best napper or sleeper, but we're working on that (2 naps during the day and waking 1-2 times at night)
  • you give such huge, sweet hugs!
  • sophie can still get the biggest laughs out of you