The Dark Side of the Moon

when i lived back in the states, i often forgot that while i was asleep, part of the world was awake.  and now i'm on that other side of the world.  and while my day is beginning, all of those we know, are falling asleep and dreaming.

there is a period of time when i click refresh on facebook, where nothing new is being posted.  they are sleeping.  i am awake.  and this period of time when those we love and know back in the states are resting from their days, it feels like we've lost we're on the dark side of the moon where the satellites can't reach us.  where we drift here on this side where the sun is up and the day is busy. living apart.  where instead of a moon separating us, there is a wide, wide ocean.  and time zones.

but near dinner time for us, the world we once were apart of, starts to wake up.  and buzz.

and then those on facebook will read my five or so status updates and know how my day went even before theirs fully begins.