Day Three

The girls finally had a semi decent night of sleep, and Lisa and I were the ones to be out of wack. Ben got to bed around 1ish working late to get course stuff together, then woke up at 3:30am unable to go back to sleep. Ben and Tozer went out for a nice 45 minutes walk around 5am this morning, Doha is quite beautiful in the morning and smells like bread. Lisa woke up early as well, hungry and semi awake enough not to fall back asleep. Darn this trixy jet lag.

Sophia went to her first day of school in a Hummer. Yes, 3 years old, going to pre-school, and riding in a Hummer. Only in Doha. To sum up, the cab company CMU-Q uses is also a tour company and adventure company so their vehicles are often sturdy SUV's, apparently one is a Hummer. So we called the cab company to take us to Sophia's school, and a Hummer showed up for all of us.

She loved it, her teacher was great, and from Tunisia. Lisa met some other moms and swapped email/phone numbers. Sophia did not want to leave pre-school but it was only a 2 hour short day. We go back Tuesday for the real full day deal.

Lisa did swimming with the girls and some new friends. This was Ben's first day on campus. Ben got the keys to his office, computer setup, and at the end of the day CMU-Q had Convocation, in which the professors wear Regalia and the incoming freshmen wear robes and are welcomed to CMU-Q. The student's don't have hats or tassels. It was a pretty cool way to kick off the year.

Got some new baby formula with arabic writing all over it, we'll see how Audrey takes to it. Our housing manager decided our dining room chairs were too warn out (which they are) and gave us "new" chairs, unfortunately they wreaked of cigarette smoke so we swapped them back out. Better warn out than smelly we always say.

Ben did more orientation, got a name badge, filled out paperwork, etc., etc.

It has been a long day for all of us, so tired. Sophia was melting down at bed time, her parents probably were doing the same on the inside - ready for bed.

No rental car yet, hoping tomorrow will be the day.

Tomorrow Ben starts teaching!