Day Ten

Woke up to a faint "mooommy, moooooommy" from Sophia and I (Ben) got up to take care of the girls. Went to Sophia's room and she wasn't there, and then I began the frantic search for her and the creepy echoing voice. In the closet, in the bathroom, spare bedroom, spare closet, spare bathroom, Audrey's room, (take a moment for breath) back to Sophia's room for a double check, zoom down the stairs not in the living room, run around the downstairs yelling "Sophia where are you? This isn't a game!" When finally she pops out - "surprise!", she was hiding behind the couch. She had gotten up on her own from her room, went downstairs by herself to play with her dolls, and thought it would be fun to have us find her behind the couch. 

Dad takes a few minutes for his heart rate and panic level to come down after thinking Sophia was stuck in a drain somewhere or turned into a ghost of some kind.

We went swimming as a family, enjoyed the afternoon just hanging around and relaxing.

We had an impromptu FaceTime talk with Tim, Brooke, and Hazel while laying in bed before going to sleep. It was great to see them and catch up for a few minutes, and to see our wonderful niece Hazel with her big smile and interactive signs =)

I discovered what is perhaps the worst possible time to be out driving: Saturday night. The highways were at a standstill, the roundabouts just ridiculous. Lulu's - our local grocery/department store was packed. All of this for a few errand items like milk and light bulbs.




(The above picture is perhaps more funny if you've seen the meme: