Day Six

Ben taught again today, and drove into campus for the first time. Got to campus today ok, and realized he forgot his passport and was not allowed in until he went home to get it and came back.

As Ben's first class was starting, he realized he did not have the dongle connector for his macbook to connect to the projector, and had to leave his class to run to the IT Help desk to borrow a connector. Ten minutes late to class, but all is well that ends well I suppose.

Ben was asked if he would be interested in coaching the men's basketball team at Carnegie Mellon. Yes , I am tall. No, I am not good at basketball.

We went to a mall to shop for a rug tonight - all the floors in the house are hard tile and it is pretty tough for Audrey to crawl and play all day on tile. We found some at the Home R' Us store, but nothing that suited our fancy. Defeated, we ate out at a 1950's style hamburger place in the mall.

Our family computer arrived today, and is set up. Feeling more like home, bit by bit.

Sleeping is still bad. I feel about as tired as having a newborn. It's been eight or so days since I've had anything resembling a decent night's sleep.