Day Nine

Friday, the weekend. We had plans to go to church this morning, but a rough night of sleep kept us away. Audrey was screaming off and on (mostly on) through the night, we're thinking some bad teething, plus a new place. She should be mostly over the jet lag. The hardest thing in the last week since we've been and and the travel here has been Audrey's sleep, and thus our sleep. Many exhausting restless nights.

Ben was up with the girls and had our first (somewhat traditional) daddy pancake weekend breakfast in Qatar. I took the girls for a swim and got Audrey down for a nap and had a great time connecting with Sophia after a crazy week. I asked what she wanted to do today, she said go to school.

I was singing a song at breakfast when Sophia said the following monologue:

Daddy I know a song "my God is so big so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do...." daddy I will see God someday in heaven and he will say "oh Sophia I love you" (said in Sophia's low voice that she also uses for Tozer). I will sing him that song when I see him in heaven.

We went to landmark mall to get some errands done to apply for a Qatari ID and driver's license. Sophia, Audrey, and Lisa also rode on a Carousel at the mall. We picked up some rugs for our hard floors. We also ate at Subway and Dairy Queen.

Irony: after moving from Pittsburgh to Qatar we are now closer to a Dairy Queen than we were before. We discussed our plans to get DQ cakes for every birthday here.

We ended the day by watching part of a movie together on our iMac i our living room just like at our Pittsburgh house.

Here's to a better night of sleep.