Day Four

We are now the proud renters of a Ford Explorer. It went something like this.

I called asking for a rental car to be delivered. He said he might be able to send a driver, but supply was short.

How get to my house from the highway?

I don't know.

Well is it before or after such and such interchange?

Before. I think. Or after perhaps.

Is it near the convention center?

Yes, I think, I mean I have seen the convention center before.

Is it near the hospital? The hospital is on my way to CMU-Q I guess.

Look I need some directions to your place or I can't send a driver.

Here's I'll have my friend call you, and he will give you directions. Our good friend Ken called and kindly gave the salesman directions to our compound. Thirty minutes later I got a call that the driver is outside of security of our compound and needed to be let in. I find the driver, but I don't see the Ford Explorer. He tells me "strongs?" (the name of the rental company). "Yes, where is our Ford Explorer?" You ride with me to get it. It isn't here? "You ride with me, sign papers, get your car".

Do I jump in a car with a stranger wearing my jeans and white t-shirt and drive across a city I don't know in a country I don't know, knowing that best case scenario I will have to drive back from this place to a house that I have no idea where it is in the city?

Well, we need a car for pre-school tomorrow, so I guess so.

I get in, text Lisa the situation (she was upstairs putting the girls to sleep). And I ride away with this guy to go get our car.

Long story short, papers signed, they kindly let me follow them to get back to my house, but it was an adventure of missing my turn and learning the round-about system.

We've got a car in the garage.

Also, I taught my first day of classes today. All went well, busy hectic day.