Day Eleven

Tonight Sophia and I went for a walk around the compound with Tozer to enjoy the night air, give Tozer some exercise, and mom a little break. Then we got stopped by two security guards while on our walk. Here's where the story is probably going to take a turn you are not expecting...

The security guards asked when would be a good time to bring over a new TV. Apparently the TV that came with our place is a bit old, a 32 inch non-HD CRT style TV, so they are replacing the TV's in the compound one by one. We were next. I tried explaining that I am gone during the day, Lisa is in and out with taking Sophia to pre-school.

"Can we bring it by now?"

Well, sure I guess.

So we walked back to our house, and they were over in two shakes of a lamb's tail with a new 40" 1080P TV. I had to dig our old TV out from underneath two living room chairs and Tozer's kennel in what has become our storage room for them to take away. We had put our TV and satellite box in storage, with no plans to watch TV while we are here.

So there's this TV here, still in the box. If nothing else it will be easier to store than the big CRT one was. We like movies, but we also like not having a big screen staring at us in the living room when we are hanging out as a family. Using an iMac to serve as computer/movie player has worked well in Pittsburgh and here.

As I think about it, I am of two minds. First, nothing says "first world problems" like this scenario. Pretty ridiculous. Second, as silly as it is I do think small decisions like this tend to shape the culture and values of your family in subtle ways. Maybe having an HDTV will be fun, really fun. So fun we would rather watch it than take a walk on a warm summer night. Or more fun than reading, talking about our day, or just going to bed at a reasonable time and being well rested for the next day. For now it sits in the box, we'll see. Temptation will probably eventually get the better of us, and of course there's nothing wrong with television. Still, taking a few moments to think through the situation I think is helpful rather than jumping in on first impulse.