Audrey Love

my dear audrey love, feel better soon.

you have not slept well since we reached this new place.  and now you are teething and running a fever and can't breathe through that stuffy and runny nose.  my poor child.  i rock you to sleep and just hum my favorite songs for you.  and you calm down and close your heavy, warm eyelids.

you have been moving and standing.  pushing toys while on your feet, forcing those baby chub legs to slide forward to keep you upright.  and there are times when you are distracted by the toy in your hand that you don't even realize that you've been standing for 3 seconds independently.  and when i startle you with my glee, you plop down on your bottom.

you endured your first real big forehead bump the other day.  mommy set you down on the large floor pillow and looked away for a moment while sophie decided to pull the pillow (thinking you'd stay on top).  but your head hit the cold, hard tile floor with a crack.  i don't mind when you scream next to my ear because i love holding you and i want to take away your pain and soothe your hurt.  so i tried a cold wash cloth on that bump, but that didn't last long (you screamed louder).  but all kids get bumps and this is  part of life.  i'm here to hold you when those happen.  i'm here to kiss those boo-boos when they happen.  you have a place in my arms.  always.

yesterday at dinner, you were on a "so big" kick!  it was so fun to ask, "who's so big?" and then you respond with shooting your plump arms up over your head and bring them down past your wide grin to clap for yourself.  and then we repeat those whole game.  it's something quite special.  you.

you know your name and you know who we are.  you look for us.  and we are found by you. giggles and smiles.