Day One

All five of us made it safe and sound to Doha, Qatar. We had a rough few days of sleep: the night before we left was short and not restful, the night on the plane Audrey was quite unhappy while Sophia slept like a rock, and the first night here they both were awake until late into the night, and awoke throughout the night. Audrey has had a bit of a hard time adjusting and is pretty worn out from both the travel and the time change. One day at a time though, sleep will get better.

We touched down in Qatar at about 6:30, and were met at the airport by another professor - our "Q-Buddy" I believe who along with his wife are here to help us transition. We arrived at our new house, Sophia ran around and enjoyed the space, and then the bedtime routine was all over the place. We tried both girls in their own rooms. We tried all of us in one room. We settled on dad in Sophia's room, and Audrey in our bedroom with Lisa. We managed a few quiet hours with that setup.

Tozer arrived from the pet relocation people a little after midnight after he had passed through customs, and been cleared by the local police as not being a banned breed. He was very happy to see us, to run around again, and to finally drink and relieve himself. He's returned to his normal self: energetic when people are at the door, and sleepy on the couch for a few hours a day. What a wonderful dog, we are so glad we brought him.

Our Q-Buddies showed us around by taking us to the grocery store / department store called Lulu's. Lisa picked up a cell phone (Ben was given one on arrival) and we got our first round of groceries. We learned you are supposed to weigh the fruits and vegetables in the produce section and have them tag it before you check out. Luckily, they were very accommodating when we checked out and our bagger ran back and had them weighed for us. We also learned they have Nestle's Quik, hurray!

Since Sophia doesn't yet have her doll house here, she asked me to make a doll house out of one of the cardboard boxes. I have to say, I make a pretty mean cardboard princess castle with a steak knife.

It's pretty hot, but still bearable. Tomorrow we promised Sophia we'd take her over to the pool, and we hope to take it easy and recover a bit more.

Off to bed, this was quite the first day!