Audrey's Infant Dedication

Audrey’s Dedication at Open Door
August 19, 2012

Dear daughter,  Audrey, our prayer for is that you will grow up to be a child of God and that you will live into the meaning of your name.  Audrey means, “strong,” and we hope that you would lean into God for everlasting strength.  And that you will be a strong girl, a strong woman, who lives a life that is bold and full of God’s love—bearing his image to everyone you meet.  That is no small thing.  We ask that God equip you and that you will know that his love for you, his intimate love for you, his redeeming grace, is what makes you strong.   Not by the world’s standard, but a strength that is holy and pure.   Your middle names were also carefully chosen; first Linda, which means “beautiful;” and is your grandmother Collier’s name.   We pray that you, dearest Audrey, would know the deep love of God, for His love is what makes all things truly beautiful.  Bring your beauty, the beauty that comes from God, to these places in the world that are ugly and untouchable, broken and unlovable.   Your second middle name, Beatrice, which means, “voyager,” reminds us to pray for you on your journey.   Know that God goes with you, before you, surrounding you every step of the way on your voyage--this voyage that will take you out of the comfort of our home, and the reach of our arms.  And this is where we, your parents, will call out on Jesus to give us the strength to let you go as you follow his voice.  For this we pray as we rejoice over you dear child.  Amen.