Audrey's 9 Months Old

Hi baby girl.  You're 9 months old today.  I love all of your babyness!  Seriously, you've got the baby chub, the sweet soft skin, the newbie teeth, the babbles, and all of that silky hair.  Audrey, I love you.

Here's your stats from your well-child exam:

  • 20.3 lbs.
  • 29 inches 
Here's what you're up to:
  • saying "mama" and "dada" and "hi"
  • still clapping
  • learning to cruise
  • stood for 3 seconds all on your own
  • loves finger foods
  • fast crawling machine
  • pulling up on everything (tozer makes it especially difficult because he doesn't like to stay still)
  • 4 teeth on top and two on the bottom (and more on the way!)
  • learning to sit back down from standing position
  • naps are still irregular, but going down to 2/day
  • sleep at night has been rough mostly because of teething (and maybe what you're sensing with the move)
  • bouncing on the big pink ball and pretty much bouncing on anything else
  • finished up your physical therapy (but we'll continue with the guidelines Susan gave us)
  • turning pages when reading books together
  • picking up things from the floor and putting into your mouth indiscriminately (yikes!)
  • stranger anxiety setting in
  • grabbing at faces, especially noses
Little love, you have the best giggles and somehow, Sophie can make you laugh the most (but I still know where all your tickle spots are, so I can pull out those laughs too)!  You are so eager to keep up with your sister, so it won't surprise me if you start to walk before you're one years old.  I really do love this phase with you.  It's so hard to resist kissing you, so I hope you don't mind it.  Happy 9 months old sweetie--how's the world now that you've been in it for as long as you've been in utero?!