Audrey is SO BIG

today, i got three sweet little gifts from my extraordinary girls.  there are so many days when i wake up and it feels like the same day as yesterday.  but perhaps with different clothes and different outdoor weather.  the same spot on the carpet, just barely dried, gets doused with another pee accident.  the same bouncer that plays the same mozart song yet once again.  the same toy tozer tried to chew on yesterday, finds its way back into his mouth again.  the same tickle game 'cause you know it calms her down.  the same books with the same voices 'cause it allows for a moment to sit down.  you get the idea.  we try to shake things up with an outing or two.  find times to be creative.  but, i'm sure most parents can agree, having young kids, the days can be somewhat ordinary.  lovely ordinary.  but ordinary nonetheless.

but today, there was some glitter dashed onto the crayon drawing of our day.  some bedazzle that is always welcome.  one was the request from my sweet pre-schooler to wave my magic wand, use some tape and scissors, and turn a truly ordinary vacuum cleaner box into her castle.  all complete with flowers growing up along the castle wall, her name in bright pink foam letters, and a mail slot in which i (putting on my mail-deliverer hat) hand delivered fun little envelopes with tiny treasures inside.  i was digging that time with her.  did i mention she starts a new school this fall and it will be the first time that she will be away from me for long periods during the day (four out of the five)?  who's got two thumbs and is gonna need a bail of kleenex to sop up the tears after i release her into the hands of other care-givers?! this mama!  so until then, i remind myself that the day-to-day ordinary with sophie is pretty special since soon, ordinary like this won't exist.

and the other bit of sweetness to this day--another tiny gift--is audrey's new moves:  crawling!  it's just the excitement of seeing her begin.  these little movements, slow and methodical and all so wobbly.   one knee sliding forward.  rocking.  wavering.  and then the other knee moving up to meet the other.  and then again.  oh the strength in those chubby thighs and arms.  the effort she makes.  of course we cheered.  i couldn't take my eyes off of her and couldn't wait to pick her up and smother her with kisses.  it's all so wonderful.  but of course that wasn't the last bit of "hoo-ah" she had planned to surprise us with.  like she was saying, "you ain't seen nothin' yet, mama!"  nope.  she tacked on the incredibleness of associating words with an action and doing it by herself.  on her own volition.  like, reminding me that she's thinking.  always thinking and putting together everything she thinks!  yup, even this thirty year old "gets schooled" with the incredible ways God designed us to grow by witnessing the abilities my [almost] eight month old displays.  while laying on her changing table, i took audrey's hands, clapped them together and then reached both arms above her head while saying, "audrey's SO BIG!"  repeated that, and then went to button her onesie.  she had so much fun while i controlled her arms, she didn't want it to stop.  so she did it by herself.  clap clap.  arms above head stretched high.  smile on face.   repeat.

so these were the simple, yet astounding gifts my daughters gave me today.  and they (both gifts and daughters) are my sweet interruptions to a stunningly beautiful ordinary day.

good night my dear children.  i thank the Lord for you.  and i look forward to another day filled with you.