Say What?!

it's quite unbelievable, but true. i am now drinking coffee. and it gets even weirder. i actually enjoy coffee. i like it. until a week ago, you never would have heard this gal use the words "coffee" joined with the words "like" or "enjoy". but hell must have frozen over or pigs must have learned to fly because someone who said she'd never drink the stuff, has become a believer in it. the warm, satisfying cup of joe has wormed its way into my life, into my mug, and down into my throat. openly welcomed.

and why would i post something like this on a blog that is primarily devoted to updating the world on the lives of our family, of our children? that's a simple answer. i like free samples and i was beyond tired. two vulnerabilities joined at the right place at the right time and bata-boom, bata-bing! it was powerful. i felt powerful owning my own appreciation for something i had long despised. i felt liberated and then felt like i might have the strength to endure more nights of interrupted sleep knowing that i could count on that medium roast in the morning. and so my journey of becoming a coffee drinker has begun. i have now joined what i think to be an elite group of millions of people.

parenting has a way of changing a person. and this gal is now redeemed by the power of coffee. so say we all.