Sophie at 3 Years!

This is Sophie at age 3:

At Sophie's 3 year well-child exam...
  • dominated the hearing test (it was so cute to see her wear the big ear phones and point when she heard the sound in each ear)
  • dominated the vision test as well and when we put on the "pirate patch" she said "argh" each time
  • 33 lbs.
  • 37.5 in

What Sophie's been up to...(this list would be extremely long, so the following are just a few highlights)
  • still loves playing with babies, but makes up intricate relationships and dialogue between them--she is getting much better at playing on her own
  • plays dress up and likes to act out parts of cinderella
  • continues to ask "why" frequently
  • is very funny!
  • she still takes a mid-day nap (although lately she says she doesn't want to take naps anymore--oh boy, i hope she continues to nap for awhile--mama needs it)
  • still sleeps about 12 hours at night
  • enjoys giving her baby sister lots of kisses and hugs