Audrey at 4 Months

This is Audrey at four months:

At her check-up...
  • 14 lbs. 10 oz. (75% for weight)
  • 25.75 in (90%) for height
  • she was also diagnosed with torticollis which means she has a tendency to tilt her head to the right and keep it there. so off to get an x-ray of her hips and her spine to see if it is joint/bone related or if it's muscle related. if it's the later, we will just take her to physical therapy and learn how to do some neck stretches on her to strengthen the weaker muscles.
What she's doing...
  • holding her hands (knows where her hands are)
  • puts hands in her mouth
  • grabs at objects (or anything) and can hold object for a short time
  • loves to blow bubbles
  • loves to laugh
  • "talks"
  • kicks legs
  • is awake for longer periods of time
  • figuring out the exersaucer
  • is proud of her ginger hair (well, i'm proud of it)
  • smiles a lot
  • can see us from across the room