Sophia's Words

Over the past week Sophie has melted my heart with her thoughtful, and loving words:

1/27/12: holding up a picture of Ben and I on our wedding day she asks me, "mom is this your happily ever after?". I replied yes!

1/28/12: in the past while giving sophie huge pushes on the swing, I would joke that she might fly up to the moon. It had been at least a week since she was on the swing. On this day after I gave her a huge push she said to me, "mom I go up to moon, I miss you."

1/30/12: while we were playing dragon and princess, Sophie accidentally kicked my head. I told her my head hurt and that I wanted to take a break from playing. She comes to me and says, "I want ta give you kiss. And kiss your head."

1/30/12: like most nights I go and check on Sophie after she's been asleep for awhile. I walk in quietly to put her blanket back on, but she hears me and rolls onto her back, stretches up her arms inviting me to hug her. She lifts her head a bit and we kiss. Oh be still my heart.

I am savoring these moments!