My Mommy Wish List

On those difficult days...

1. A third arm growing out of my side. I don't care if they call me a mutant. Oh how I wish I had a third arm! And it can fall off in 3-4 months.
2. One of those drink helmet things with the straw. I've never been so thirsty in my life as I am when nursing and I rarely have time to get a glass of water let alone drink it!
3. And a catheter (and the waste bag) so I could pee while on the move. What goes in must come out. There are days when I recall getting to use the bathroom twice in a 9 hour period of time (and one of those bathroom trips may or may not have involved holding Audrey while doing my business).
4. One-way windows. So I can see out but nobody can see in. I'm sorry folks but breastfeeding a baby while taking care of a toddler usually means I have to nurse while doing something for Sophie. I'm afraid I've flashed our neighbors at least a dozen times all ready.

It's a short list. Good thing those days are few. And this won't last...oh boy it sure will go by fast.

But a mom can have her wish list and admit there are some days that are quite a doozie!