My Dearest Audrey

My Dearest Audrey,

i wish i had more time to sit and write to you here--in this space of an online journal--but time is scarce these days. but know that my heart sings songs of joy and delight over you my daughter. know that when i cradle your soft, small body in my arms that my smile is wide and my eyes sparkle with how radiant you are! know that it is hard for me to set you down, but when i do, i continue to peek at you from across the room...watching you sleep. and as i sit to play babies with sophie, i think about how amazing it will be that one day you will play babies with your sister too. and all three of us will sit down together--all dressed up in our dress-up clothes--and we will play tea party and dance to "clair de lune". and we will snuggle deep into the blankets, resting on the couch, eating popcorn while watching "sound of music" together. because, my darling daughter, you have a special place in our family. and each day, it is of deep gladness, that we--your daddy, sister, doggie, and mommy--get to share life with you, our dearest audrey.

this past week your sweet auntie kristen came to stay with us. we have been so greatly blessed with her presence here--how she brought in a breeze of fresh life and allowed mommy and daddy time to sleep while keeping your sister well entertained. she is a kind woman who loves you and your sister. she showered all of us with love. and i tell you this so that you know the kind of family, the larger family, you were born into. uncles, aunties, cousins, grandmas, and grandpas who love and care for each other. who take time out of their lives to call, to write, to visit, to check on us. and we look forward to the visit of your other auntie (you have many of them =)) juli and then grandma and grandpa johnson!

audrey, christmas came early to our house--your birth is such a splendid gift and truly a wonderful thing to celebrate near this advent season.

and now it is time for us to sleep, knowing the nights are short and interrupted. but i will not wish this away since i know how fast it really all happens. because all too soon, you will be a lovely two and a half year old like your sister is now. and she will be older too. for now, i savor this all. i love you my dear child.

lovingly yours,