in a month

tomorrow marks the one-month-until-due-date milestone. and over the past month (i realized that my presence on this blog was absent for october), i have felt more and more settled and ready to have this baby. in fact, i'm just down-right excited to meet this little one. perhaps some of my overall want to have an earlier birth is to get past the pain and on with the healing (of both pubic symphasis and birth-related), but i also don't want to rush the last part of my pregnancy.

i feel very strongly that this will be my last pregnancy. and i've loved being pregnant. i will truly miss feeling the movement of a tiny little child inside of me and seeing my body change. i am grateful for this. but i'm also more resolved to raise two children. two beautiful girls!

here are a few things from last month...

ben and i celebrated 6 years of marriage and enjoyed the day by going to a pumpkin farm with our little pumpkin.

i also had another ultra sound (this would make #3 for this pregnancy) to check to see where the position of my placenta was in my uterus. all is well.

ben and i finished putting baby's room together. i feel proud about this fact. it's such a cute space and i look forward to bringing home this baby and being with her, rocking her, in her room that was prepared special for her.

i started physical therapy to help cope with the pain from the pubic symphasis. nothing really to "beat it" except have a baby. but i'm trying to keep on the positive and give my 2.5 year old more responsibilities/being mommy's little helper.

i'm still sad about loosing my one-on-one time with Sophia. it's still hard to fully see and imagine what it will be like to have two children. and the other day at church, despite the pain it would cause, my Sophia wanted me to hold her. so i did. we were standing and signing songs while she rested her head in the crook of my neck. and she stayed there for quite some time. and i worshiped in singing and my heart was so full of her...remembering how much of a big girl she is and sensing the natural, inevitable part that she will grow out of my embrace--she will grow and these moments of holding her will become rare.

this month...

we will figure out a game-plan for someone to be "on call" to watch Sophie when I go into labor.

i will try to rest

i will read more books to Sophie about babies and what it means when mommy and daddy bring home a new baby. along with reading many books about princesses and other wonderful things that interest her

i will be ending my two year position at our church as the administrator and will be training my replacement

ben and i will try to get out on one more date before baby comes--and enjoy how easy it is to find a babysitter to watch a toddler who is pretty predictable and so easy to care for. because we know that going out--the two of us--might be more difficult once this little one is here

i will start meeting with the midwives once a week...

and soon there will be another post on this (somewhat neglected) blog about the wonderful arrival of our darling baby girl! so please continue to follow us on our journey and i will try not to disappoint readers with dull, few and far between, posts.