Dear Lovely Child of Mine,

You are a chosen child. Chosen by God and given to us. And we will, sweet baby, take you into our arms when we meet and you will always have a special place in our family. We have planned for you, wanted you, and desire you. Three months away from our due date, I feel such a strong passion to hold you and kiss you! You are cherished and you will hear us call you lovely. You will hear us pray over you and you will hear us sing to you. In the midst of this season in my pregnancy where I feel the primitive need to "ready" myself and our home for you, I find myself forgetting to speak to you and to connect with you. So I am grateful for the times when I can slow down (when you sister naps or is sleeping at night), and just close my eyes and place my hands upon my belly and rest. And you are there, with small movements or in sleep, cradled by the warmth of my womb and by my hands that are so ready to be filled by you. I am so blessed to have you, my daughter, to know you as you grow. I am ready for you to know your dad and to know your sister. Two beautiful daughters! My heart rejoices!!

Loved deeply,