These Have Been Difficult Days

i will try to remember that she is two and won't always be like this. and i will promise to tell her that she is loved in the midst of an emotional storm. and when she is calm, i will wipe away her tears and tuck her wet hair behind her ear and hold her. i will be kind to myself and say that "i AM a good mother." and i will use gentle words to try and soothe her and try to understand her and put words to her emotions so she will know that i care about how she feels. God has given her to me. he looked at every other mother but knew that this little girl would fit perfectly in my heart, and in my arms. even though there are days when i cry too and feel so worn, i hold her tight at the end of the day and kiss her, laying her down in her bed. when she is quiet and deep into sleep, i walk into her room and smile, whispering, "i love you" as i gaze at her still little body. but i promise that she will also hear those words from me tomorrow and the next day even when the fists pound and the screams roar. and i will not forget that there are so many calm moments in our day full of laughter and sweet cuddles. nope, i will remember that this too shall pass--the hard and the soft parts of our day. and i will not wish it away. oh dear, lovely child of mine, we have our difficult days, but we are in this together. and i am glad that i can lean on God for strength and remember that he is with me and we are in this together too.