Living Minimally: On Comparison

so, once in awhile, when i have a moment to read the posts at the "becoming minimalist" blog, i'm pretty encouraged...because not only do the thoughts in this blog stir within me the longing to see these positive changes in my life, but when i read such posts as this one, it also resonates with what God calls us to and how to live. it's hard for me to admit (especially in such a public platform), but i struggle with envy. with comparing myself to others. and i feel that i'm not alone in seems pretty common.

and living a minimalist life doesn't just mean downsizing and living with less stuff, but it's also about LIVING life fully. richly. without the sin that so easily entangles us. phew, how freeing is that?! and that's what i yearn for. so glad God does the work!

but of course living minimally also means small steps...small changes. so perhaps the small step in dealing with envy, is by starting to use fewer self-deprecating thoughts. just focusing on that one thing. day by day. and asking God for his strength.

comparison truly is the thief of all joy!