"two" real

hello darling daughter,

you are now two! and as we start out on your third year of life, i--your mommy--would like to share a few gentle words...

you are FANTASTIC. remember that you are truly a gift and we genuinely love you with this odd love that keeps giving and wants only wonderful things for you. it is not the ultimate love that i hope some day you will know; but gosh darn it, god has really given me some huge pile of love for you. you know the words to so many songs, and in the quiet of day, your melodic voice hushes my movement and draws me close to you in order to watch you sing. you are so smart--look at you learn the things you learn!

you are FUNNY. you come up with these silly little phrases that take me by surprise. you've learned how to string more and more words together, and it's been so fun to see this happen and help you along. your laugh is full of dancing light and all of the spring birds rejoicing at once. you make faces and noises that are laced with giggles, that we can't help but laugh a big belly laugh. you've got your dad's humor. and a side of your mom's zany.

you DANCE. and although your dad and i are ready (oh so ready) for you to stop requesting we dance to "frosty the snowman", we completely love how you grab our hands and compel us to dance in a circle together. singing this ridiculous song. not only do you love to dance, you love to be chased; you call it "chase you." you love to play hide and seek; you call it "hide, seet." you love to spin in the office chair; you call it "spin you." you love to be pulled across the wooden floors on your back; you call it "pull you" (and stick your feet up in the air to clarify your request). you love to jump while i sing 'shake your sillies out'; you call it "jump, jump" (and run over to the guitar for emphasis). you M O V E. and you are unstoppable. thank you for keeping me fit.

you LOVE. me. your sweet voice utters these perfect little syllables: "love you mommy." and they skip across the smooth glass lake of air and sink into my heart. and then i crumple you up in my arms and whisper onto the top of your head--just so the words flow down upon you--"and i love you, sophia." you show such kindness to others. such concern when babies cry. you share (and work on sharing). you see such lovely beauty in ordinary things: your eyes fill with wonder and complete softness.

you are TWO. snuggling. moving. crying. hitting. talking. thinking. playing. following. reading. singing. remembering. twirling. hugging. kissing. forgiving. running. mess-making. helping. did i mention that you are TWO?!

thank you sophia for growing up. although my emotions kind of dislike this. it is good. it is right. you have proven how real you are.

and i love you,