(waking up early means getting to snuggle in mom and dad's bed until mom is fully awake and capable of taking care of a small toddler.)

we lay facing each other. our noses only six or so inches a part. and my eyes were heavy with sleep so i closed them again knowing hers were fully awake and welcoming new sights, exploring my room. i heard her sucking on her pink pacifier and the small movement of her hands as she rubbed the silky part of her lovey on her soft cheeks. i smiled at her. my eyes were closed.

in the next breath her hand moved from holding her lovey to gently resting on my shoulder--gliding down toward my neck and gliding back up. i lay there with my eyes closed. smiling at her. and then her delicate 23 month old hand found my face. the part not buried by the pillow. she slowly moved her palm over my cheek with such a tender caresses. and then her hand rested on my lips. waiting. my eyelids fluttered opened as i turned my lips into a kiss upon her chubby, unwavering fingers.

and they moved away. that was it.

her body conjured all the energy she had been storing over night and she bolted upright in the bed and proceeded to fling her legs over the edge, roll onto her stomach and then slide down onto the floor landing on her feet.