How to Have a Fun Anniversary Celebration

So, on Friday Ben and I marked our 5th year of marriage. On Saturday, we spent the day together--without Sophia--being a couple again (thank you to our great friends Josh, Kallie, Sandy, and Russ for caring for Sophie).

Step one: Get a massage with your spouse--in this quiet time, close your eyes and remember your body and how it's aged (oh, my aching back!).

Step two: Eat at Coca's and order a delicious meal and take your time talking with each other--remember, there are no children at your table and you do not have to rush! (This was a lovely part of our day!)

Step three: Walk around your city and explore--pumpkin carving, cupcakes, and flea markets! Don't forget to take some silly pictures of your outing.

Step four: SKIP THE LONG NATURE WALK! Okay, in my mind I thought this would have been a blast, but half-way through our long, hot walk, we realized our thirst was unbearable, and our feet ached (that wonderful massage, yep, we could have used it after the hike)! Oh well, these experiences--if they don't kill us--just bring us closer! On our way back, we found a store and bought a few necessities. If only we had a segway...

But at least we got to relax after the walk on our new boat!

Step five: Relax at a coffee shop and gaze lovingly into your spouse's eyes (okay, we're beyond that stage in our marriage, but we did talk lovingly toward each other).

Step six: Eat a delicious meal. Again, there is no hurry and here you can hold hands in the dimly-lit restaurant. And it's okay to sit on the same side of the table, but only in this instance.

Step seven: Watch a movie together. So often lately we go out to movies by ourselves (one stays with Sophia) or with others, but usually do not get out together. But I do not recommend watching a movie about being parents, about children, or parents who die and leave their child, Sophie, orphaned.

Step eight: Wake up your daughter when you return and tell her you love her and missed her. And then get plenty of sleep after you kiss your wonderful spouse good-night!