Words! for an 18-Month-Old

We took 2 days to jot down the words we have been hearing fall from Sophia's mouth over the past few months.

And we lost track.
She pretty much tries to repeat most of the words we say to her.
And that's a lot.
And there are many that she remembers and repeats.
More than fifty...

It's been so fun to ask Sophia questions and to hear her reasonable responses of "yeah" or "no". 80% of the time she knows what we are talking about and answers/responds correctly. The other day Ben asked if she was ready for a nap. "Nap" she replied and rubbed her eyes. And then she moved for the stairs ascending them to her room. And today she grabbed at her diaper and said "poopy" and then pulled a clean diaper out of the bag and handed it to me (it was not a "poopy", but was wet). I'm just saying, this is pretty cool stuff. We can communicate!!!

Picture of a dress-up moment.