The Cow Says MOO

This is Wisconsin.

Sophie on Papa's lap looking at the cows (she easily said "papa").

After Grandma gave her a bath.

Walking down to the park.

We don't have many (or any that I can think of) parks that have sand around here. Guess Sophie didn't really know what to do with it, but laying in it sure was a great idea (after the not-so-great idea of eating it)!

She is so LOVELY... from deep within!

Birthday buddies: Auntie Amanda and Sophie (March 19th)!

Yes, they both LOVE elmo and sesame street. Handy little things those iphones.

One morning we got to spend some time with my wonderful friend Opala and her two sweet children. David is 6 months older than Sophie and was very okay letting her know that (very cute though). They both said "good bye" to each other as we left. It was so fun to see them all and we can't wait until the next time!

It's not fun being woken from a nap, but we love to see those squishy cheeks as you snuggle with daddy.

Grammy (which Sophie was able to say easily) gave Sophie some belated birthday gifts. Can you tell she's excited about those colorful barrettes?!

More pictures to come...