Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Mom and dad's retirement home...

Still not sure what to think of grandpa.

oh, sophie, i thought you were grandma for a moment since you're wearing her hat!

Pool beauties! Grandma knew exactly what Sophie would love to play with in the pool: duckies. And of course she LOVED when grandma played boat with her and dragged her though the pool!

A few of the other gifts from Grandma included a Sophie-sized bench, and giant pillow that Sophie loves to flop on top of.

At the Church Brew Works for lunch the day the Johnsons left.

After getting ice cream!

Since Ben was at a conference in Montreal most of the time my sister and parents were out, it sure was nice to have the extra help! We did a lot of low-key events while they were here, but made a point at staying cool and getting rest. We got ambitious one day and went up the Duquesne Incline. One of the main highlights was playing euchre!! Thanks mom, dad, and Juli for visiting us!