I can do it all BY MYSELF

Well, I have to admit that I do not look forward to meal/snack times with Sophie these days. Not only does she have a very refined, hard-to-please palate, she also feels very inclined to remove all food from her tray with a few sweeps of her hand as if to say, "you insult me with this food. this is glorified dog food (and Tozer excitedly nibbles the droppings from Sophie's throne--er, high chair)!" And then, when I feel beaten down and ready to give up, she refuses to eat what I'm feeding her unless I allow her to hold onto it or feed herself. Um, we're talking yogurt here people. And spaghetti-os! I cringe but hand 'em over; gently reminding myself that this is a learning process. she's teaching me patience. oh, and yes, of course she is learning how to feed herself (and that's what I tell myself when I scrub the carpet yet again). please tell me parents, that i'm not alone in this....! And thank you for listening to my rant.