Brother Brian and Joanie Visit PGH

At the Carnegie Public Library.

We got to the museum 15 minutes before it closed, so we enjoyed the bit we could without paying to go in.

We have a new office chair that actually does not sink down when you sit on it (finally). Ben was worn out from putting it together...And Sophie thought it was pretty cool.

She loves this! Soon she'll be working out her abs, but in the meantime it makes a really cool sound when you hit it.

View from the top of Mt. Washington. We rode up the incline.

This is my youngest brother (I have 2 others)--the youngest in the family. I'm the second youngest.

I can't stand it--she's just too cute!! We tell her everyday that she should tone down the cuteness, but it's not happen' (why would we say a thing like that anyway?)!

A girl's gotta have her jelly shoes in the summer.