Little Bird, Little Bird

I had a wonderful mother's day! It's hard to believe that this is my 2nd mother's day celebration. Of course there were tears--thinking back over this past year (oh sweet memories) as I listened to a lovely song about mothers and children and held my Little One in my arms. In the afternoon we went to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Since Sophia's fascination with birds is in "full flight" and we've been wanting to do more Pittsburgh things, it was a perfect opportunity to get over there (and Ben said I get to do whatever I want to do today--pretty nice, huh?)!

Sophia was so engrossed in watching every bird! Her brain probably grew 3 sizes today with everything she took in.

Bald Eagle.

Ben and Sophia. And African penguins--who knew?!

She made so many faces and tried so hard to make sounds that mimicked these birds. "Arf, arf" is what she ultimately resorted to (her dog bark), but at least she tried to make the sound birds make. Too cute!

We were so close to these birds. Sophia didn't want to move through the exhibit! She was in awe the whole time and we had to poke her once or twice to remind her to breathe.

Our little penguin walking away...

"Mom, look at that big bird over there."

"Mom, I'm not sure I want to be that close to it."

Ah, here's a safe distance.