Indianapolis Colts?!

Nope...the Saints!

Last weekend we went to a lovely wedding in Indianapolis. Ben's cousin, Karl married a beautiful woman, Emily. It was such a wonderful wedding and great to see some of Ben's family--uncles, aunt, cousins and my FIL, Lon, and MIL, Linda, along with Amanda and Jonathan. It was a special treat to spend time with Lon and Linda again! Maybe I haven't mentioned it in awhile, but I love spending time with my mother in law. She is such a sweet spirited, loving woman. She faithfully prays for her children and grandchildren and has blessed so many lives. I could go on and on. When you think about marrying a man, I've been told, look at how he treats his mother--and how his mother treats him. And I liked what I saw! I also met Ben's cousin on his mom's side, Kristy (and her adorable son). I think I've met all of the McDannalds (Linda's family) now! Here are a few photos...

Ruffles on the swimsuit! She IS a girly girl.



Kristy's husband Dean, Ben's Aunt Opal and Uncle Steve.

Grammy, Sophia, Corbin, and Ben's cousin Kristy.


Ben's cousin Paul (best man).

Ben's cousin Karl (the groom).

The bride, Emily.

Sophie with Auntie Amanda (what beauties).

Ben's aunt Leigh and Karl.

Our first family dance at a wedding!