We're Back from Wisconsin!

We made it back yesterday morning from our wonderful trip in Wisconsin to see family and friends over Christmas. Although it was such a great time--sharing Sophia with many people who loved on her and getting the chance to talk face to face with people we love--it is also nice to be back home! We were welcomed back to Pittsburgh with a broken furnace leaving us a frigid house of 30 degrees! Ben called heating services and stayed in our house to get the furnace fixed while Sophia and I took a nap at a near-by friend's house! As much as I miss family and friends in Wisconsin, over this last trip back I kept feeling in my heart that Pittsburgh was my home. That I finally feel more settled here. And although I still feel the longing to be back in Wisconsin, I have a place here and I will ache when I have to leave this Pittsburgh home someday. And so we called up the Bahlers at 6:30 in the morning and asked if we could find refuge in their house just a few blocks away from ours. And while the word spread of our situation, offers to provide us with another warm home to rest in, space heaters to use, and sincere inquiries of the situation grew. This is our community. We love these people and have found a family in them. Of course we did not grow up together or live life on the same campus with these people, but we are getting to know them. We have a good friend who was there with us when Sophia was born--aiding in her delivery. We have friends who have brought us wonderful meals. We have friends who sit with us and share in life with us. We have celebrated marriages of friends and we have grieved with other friends. We have never felt stranded and know that Tozer is in good hands when we have left him for the weekend. And although it takes me awhile to develop close friendships (someone once said I have a "deep soul"), I know I will find these close friendships here and that they are already being built.

So, God is good to remind me of the small tug and yearning in my heart while we were back in Wisconsin as I rested my weary head at my neighbor-friend's house. And although I already miss my family and those dear friends back in Wisconsin (or Colorado, etc.), I know that leaving here will also break my heart since it will mean leaving behind another family.