The Snow in Wisconsin: Christmas 2009 (Part 1)

3 new Colliers in 2009!

Papa Collier

The beards were plentiful at the Collier gathering ("yonny" and daniel)

Oh how Sophie loves when her grammy reads to her!

A look into their about 6 months Mike and Cathy will have a baby of their own. M & K traveled out from Colorado Springs to see family (and us)!

And even though it's awkward to sit on a couch and converse, it was a great photo opp. Mike, Ben, and Aaron.

My good friend Opala and her son David. They are expecting a baby girl in April!

Horsey rides on grandpa Johnson's knee.

Did I mention how much Sophia loves being read to by her grandmas?!

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Notice the cow shirt Sophia is wearing (this is in honor of her farmer grandpa Johnson).