Christmas in Wisconsin (Part 2)

The day we left for Wisconsin.

Our first full day in Wisconsin, we spent it with Grammy Collier.

Auntie Kristen sure left an impression with Sophia.

It just took a moment to warm up.

Playing with Auntie Juli's drum.

Our second day was spent visiting Auntie Jess and cousins Sam and Eli.

Ben and nephew Eli.

Static electricity!

Auntie Stephanie and cousin Krysta loving on Sophia.

Cousins Austin and Krysta.

With my grandma Johnson.

4 generations.

Grandparents and grandchildren.

Uncle Brian holding (very awkwardly) his niece.

Sophie loves the bear Uncle Brian and his girlfriend Joanie got for her.

Opening presents.

The gift we made for our parents--a sentimental gift.

Uncle Keith holding Sophia.

Aunties adoring Eli.

Auntie Amanda, Sam and Sophia.

Jess and Sam.

"My First Christmas"

Tozer enjoyed Christmas too!

The newly weds on their first Christmas together!