Bragging or Updating? You decide.

Sophia had her 9 month check-up today. It is remarkable to think back over just the last month and how she has developed. Here are a few remarkable feats from this remarkable 'lil baby: She pulled herself up to standing and doesn't hesitate to do this anywhere. She is a fast crawler--not a moment to loose since there is so much she can see from a different height now. She says "momma," "dadda," "nigh-nigh," "papa," "hi (sometimes accompanied by a raised hand), and my mom can testify that she said "mo" for more. I have been using the signs for more and milk over the past month with Sophia. The other day she wanted more of her puff snacks and after I signed "more," she repeated with an open hand hitting her closed fist twice (I had been doing the movement twice for emphasis). And then she said "mo." Pretty remarkable! Her personality has become more distinct and her self-will has become more evident. She has cries that get her what she wants--to be picked up or to have a certain toy (we're still figuring this out and feel like suckers after realizing she's "played us")! But this is good--she's figuring out who she is and that she has a voice. She is an active listener when we read her books. She also stretches her arms up over her head and sometimes says "hi" while doing this. She gave a few hugs to some lucky people--this is a new and rare occurrence. For as much as we moved around and introduced her to so many unfamiliar faces over the past two weeks, she did very well. Stranger anxiety kicked in, but is relatively mild at this point. We keep waiting for teeth to emerge, but love the gummy smiles she gives until then.

So perhaps I was bragging. But from a medical standpoint, she is on-target and hitting all of the milestones a 9 month old should.

And in case you forgot, this is our blog about Sophia, so I guess it's okay to brag about her (hehe)!