Sophia's First Christmas: Part 1

Ben and I celebrated our Christmas on December 12th since we are planning to be in Wisconsin at Christmas time this year. We wanted to start making our own traditions and enjoy celebrating with just our small family. Here are a few highlights:
We open our stockings first.

And yes we are the kind of parents who give their children socks for Christmas!

Ben can hardly contain his excitement!

One of our new traditions is to let Ben and Tozer enjoy a mid-present-opening snack of wrapping paper and tissue!

We also have a tradition of starting a warm fire in the fireplace (look behind ben in this pic).

And it's our tradition to wear our pajamas while enjoying our Christmas morning. You will not find freshly bathed, hair done, make-up on, teeth brushed family pictures from us!

My lovely gift from Ben! He wrote the most romantic (tear-jerking) story to accompany this gift. When Sophia is 16, she will wear the small pendant and her parents will remind her of how she is our beloved daughter, she is valued, and how she has a special place in our hearts!