October Wisconsin Trip

So, we decided to make a trip back to Wisconsin to see family and a few friends. We had a great time. Sophia slept like a champ (her mom and dad didn't get much sleep as we drove through the night 9 1/2 hours)! Sophia got to meet some new faces and spend time with familiar ones as well! We helped celebrate my mom's birthday and Kristen and Sam's birthdays too. This will be the last time that we see Dan and Jess before they have baby #2! Although we missed the presence of my sister (who is in France), most of the family talked to her over skype while we were there. Here are some highlights of our trip!

Grandma and Grandpa Collier with their grandchildren (one on the way)!

The brothers!

The sisters!

Newlyweds Brooke and Tim

Aunt Kristen and Sophia


Nephew Sam and his uncle Jonathan

Tim and Tozer

Sophie is not impressed with Uncle Jonathan's 'stache.

Uncle Steve, Sophia, and cousin Krysta.

Uncle Nathan and Sophia.

Uncle Brian, Sophia, and Brian's girlfriend, Joanie.

Grandma Johnson and her grandchildren (Krysta, Sophia, and Austin).

We got to spend some time with the newly engaged couple, Allison and Aaron!

Sophie loved giving "uncle" Aaron kisses.


Four generations!

Great-grandma Johnson and Sophia.

Sophia loved playing the piano with her grandma Johnson.

Grandpa Johnson and Sophia.

My friend Opala and her son David were able to stop by my parent's house for lunch! David is such a cutie!