It's Cool, It's Cool to Love Your Family

This past week my sister, Juli, and brothers, Keith and Brian came to visit from Wisconsin (brother Steve and his wife, Stephanie were missed on this trip). It was incredibly fun to be with them again! I have missed them so much. They loved holding Sophia and showered her with affection. Juli even rocked her to sleep (and loved it)! Some highlights of their trip included seeing the Carnegie Art Museum and Natural History Museum (hello T-Rex and T-Rex reenactment from Juli), and walking around Carnegie Mellon University. We ate at some local restaurants and saw some of the city. Settlers of Cattan and Euchre tournaments were also part of the good times. And today they drove back, so needless to say, I feel a little sad. Sophia had a great time with her aunts and uncles!

On the last night my sibs were here, we went out to eat at the Church Brew Works. Good beer. Good food. Good company.

Uncle Keith holding Sophia.

Uncle Brian and Sophia.

Aunt Juli holding Sophia.

Gift from aunt Juli ("apple of mom's eye")