Cottage Get-A-Way

Ben and I just got back from a mini-vacation. We stayed at a cottage near a lake about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. We rented the cottage from our pastor and his family. It was such a quaint place and we enjoyed the break from the city. We dipped our toes in Canadohta Lake, played a few scrabble games, watched the Penguins victory over the Red Wings on tv, and took a few leisurely walks. Sophia did pretty good on the ride there and back--she usually doesn't do very well in the car (in fact she usually cries the whole time we're in the car, but this time she mostly slept). Her sleep routine was a little off the first night, but she got more sleep the second night (and so did her parents)! This mini-vacation was also a test for the upcoming vacation we will take in August to Michigan to be a part of Ben's brother's wedding. I'm a little nervous about that trip. Any tips for getting a 5 month old to sleep the whole 6 hour drive?