Play Time!

It's been so fun playing with Sophie as she coos and talks to us. She loves to look at and follow the movement of rattles and other toys. Her hands are open more often which allows her to grasp small objects. Sometimes I put a rattle in her hand and she holds and moves it around.

Another amazing event that happened on Sunday in regard to her little hands grasping at objects: We were sitting next to some friends who have a daughter about a month older than Sophie. Allison and I were holding our girls close to each other and they started holding onto each other's hands! It was so precious. And as they were holding hands, they were staring at each other and cooing back and forth. Being the emotional mother that I am, I started tearing up (I think Allison was too). It was one of the sweetest things I've seen--Sophia has a new baby friend, Lydia. It's just so fun because when Allison and I were pregnant, we talked about how one day our daughters would play together and become friends! There are other wonderful moms who have babies about the same age as Sophia, and it's going to be so much fun to see them all play together over the years!